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  • Kathmandu Valley Trek

    Kathmandu Valley Trek

    Trip duration 5 Days
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  • Red Panda Nature Trail Ilam Nepal

    Red Panda Nature Trail Ilam Nepal

    Trip duration 10 Days
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  • Everest Base Camp Trek

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    Trip duration 16 Days
    Trip cost Contact us
  • Discover with Lama Parivar Himalayan Treks

    Locked between China and India, Nepal reaches to the heavens. Mount Everest and 7 more of the world's 10 highest mountains are here. It's not just the geography and possible adventures that give this place an awesome (in the original sense of the word) appeal, this also is the birthplace of the founder of Buddhism. Mantras and monasteries and prayer flags live here among the indigenous tribes of hills and valleys too.

    If you’ve ever been curious about the home of Mt. Everest, now’s your chance to embark on a cultural adventure through Nepal. Through this popular and highlights tours, you will explore a rich web of cultural and societal elements across urban as well as rural locations in Nepal. Participants undertake a sequence of activities, independent exploration and guided reflection. The below Nepal tour aims to build on your cultural knowledge and expertise while honing your reflective capacity.

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